The Geometric Dress and Earrings

  • Canon EOS REBEL T1i
  • Photos for local store
  • 2013

These photos were taken sometime in 2013 in Portland, Oregon. I was tasked with using my boss’s camera to take photos for the store where I had worked. These pictures were from the collection of photos taken during that time, which was the first time I had attempted to take “fashion” photos. In truth, the photos were meant to highlight the clothing for an e-commerce, but I was having too much fun pretending that I knew what I was doing, and couldn’t help but pretend that I was working for some art magazine.

The Dress

It seemed brief, but for a moment it looked as if Art Deco would make a return in fashion. Out of all of the dresses that the store sold this was my favorite. The Art Deco movement came about in the 1920’s and it is easy to see that many of the designers of that time used Egyptian motifs in their designs. I thought this dress did a great job of recreating Art Deco of the 20’s combined with the mini dress of the 60’s. You can’t tell from the photos, but the dress was a mini cutting right at the top of her thighs. A fun and daring little dress.

I love the symmetry, triangles, and zigzags all complimented with primary colors. I’m not sure who designed the dress or pattern. We sold mostly fast fashion, and in very small quantities. I think we only carried one or two of these dresses, and this was the only one of its style. I don’t think this particular style was very popular during the early 20 teens, and is probably why we had ordered such a small quantity, but I’ve always been a fan of Art Deco and it’s straight sharp lines, although Art Deco had never been much of a fan of me. The pyramid earring with the Anubis figure was a perfect match for the dress.

The pyramid earring with the Anubis figure was a perfect match for the dress. The arrow earrings were nice too although not the best for this dress.

Asking for a glass of wine between sessions.

We had a fun time with this photoshoot and Sara wore the dress well.