Last of the Old




In the east part of Zhengzhou ruins were found that date back to the oldest dynasty in China. The Shang Dynasty ruled in Anyang, but had built a city in what is now Zhengzhou during the middle period of the Dynasty. The site was discovered in the 1950’s but excavation stopped, most likely due to the cultural revolution. Excavation began again in the 1970’s. There is not much to see in Zhengzhou in the way of history. The palace of the city was gone years before the ruins were discovered and much of what was found is now in a museum. All that remains is a large mound of dirt that was once the ancient city wall of the Shang City.

Zhengzhou has had many changes especially in the last 15 years. The rabid construction and desire for growth and modernity has destroyed many of the buildings that dated back even to the 1950’s. These small bits of history will soon be destroyed to make room for new buildings. They have gone to decay over the years so people do not see the need to remodel what is already in the past. Zhengzhou’s old name “The Garden City” has also disappeared into the dust. The trees and plant life have been removed to make way for expansion and the birth of a mega-city. The only gardens left are those that are strategically designed to create a city aesthetic that competes with a dirty sky of pollution.