Street Art in Sydney

What’s the difference between graffiti and street art? I think it may be pretty subjective, and changes when it comes from the view of who is doing the work and who is the building owner. I think of “street art” in a general way, or as an umbrella term. Much acceptable art on the streets may be commissioned and/or considered a mural. Graffiti, the true meaning of graffiti in my mind is that there is a little bit of the rebel in the actual action of making the graffiti. It’s intention is to break with the societal norm of what is an acceptable street or city aesthetic. Whether it is a beautiful piece of work or a provoking political statement or a eyesore it is all done with the idea of doing something without permission.

This piece is obviously commissioned or had some kind of permission. What I find really amazing in a good piece of artistic graffiti is how fast some of these works are done. I also like the impermanence of the work. A commissioned piece has a longer life span then a piece done illegally. Unless of course you’re Bansky and the people who once would most likely complain that he was a vandal and should go to jail (I’m making a speculation here based on human behavior and personality and not stating a fact) are now trying to steal his work from the walls so they can make some money.
I’m no authority, and I know people who are building owners that cringe at graffiti because it costs them money to cover it up. Personally, I think if it’s good, or makes me think or makes me laugh, and it isn’t destroying some beautiful architecture or another piece of art, I like it. Some buildings could really use the color. And walking around Sydney and Melbourne is like walking around and outdoor art gallery.